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The Missing Links: “F-Bomb” Is Now in the Dictionary

Where in the F-Bomb Did the Term ‘F-Bomb’ Come From? Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary added “f-bomb” to its collection of words that are words. The term may have originated from a Hall of Fame baseball player who had sworn off swearing. * Get Your Metal Detectors Ready It sounds like something out of a film. This explorer is getting ready [...]

12 Really Forced Portmanteaux That Didn’t Catch On

There are times when one big word can more effectively do the job of two words. These are not those times. 1. Balloonatic (balloon + lunatic)
 A person who is balloon-mad; a balloonist, spec. (Mil. slang) a member of a balloon corps or balloon squadron in the First World War (1914–18).
 When the first manned hot air balloon [...]

Bucket List

The term “bucket list,” popularized by the 2007 movie of that name, usually refers to a list of things you want to accomplish before you die. This guy appears to be wildly successful due to low aspirations. But he’s happy! See a new Twaggie every day at GoComics. Link

Why Do We Call the President’s Wife “First Lady”?

We may have Zachary Taylor to thank for coining the term, but it’s a journalist who popularized it nearly 30 years later. As I’m sure many of you know, Dolley Madison was one of the most beloved first ladies in the history of the White House. She was a charming and thoughtful hostess, she was the [...]

Amazing Underground Cities

We’ve all heard of underground societies, but rarely is the term used in such a literal manner as these amazing underground cities featured on Dornob. Cities, empires and religions have risen and fallen around these unique underground havens once used by early Christians to hide from Roman armies, yet they remains occupied to this [...]

The Changing Definition of “Flash Mob”

When most of us think of a flash mob, it’s a big impromptu dance party, a spontaneous pillow fight or hundreds of people freezing in Grand Central Station. But lately, the media has been using the term to describe some much less enjoyable activities. Consider this headline from USA Today: “‘Flash mobs’ pose challenge to police [...]

The DC Universe Gets A Major Overhaul

You may have heard the term “the New 52″ thrown around recently and thought to yourself “the new 52 of what?” Well, your days of wondering are over, cause their coming your way this September! “The New 52″ is DC Comics unprecedented overhaul and relaunch of 52 of their most popular, and world renowned, comic [...]

5 Questions: Tarzan

Each questions contains a Tarzan-related term. Can you find them all in today’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz?: Tarzan

Thinking Globally

(YouTube link) The term “globally” here does not mean worldwide so much as it means seeing the problem as a whole as opposed to its parts. Dr. Eli Goldratt {wiki} explains what happens to the supply chain of consumer goods during a recession, in terms even I can understand. With animation by Aharon Charnov. -Thanks, Joe [...]

The Nautical Roots of 9 Common Phrases

by Mark S. Longo The Vikings, Columbus, the Pilgrims … they all arrived here by ship. So it stands to reason that some of the phrases we use today were born on the high seas. While sources differ on the roots of many sayings, others have a clear path to the days of sailing across the [...]