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Tentacle Wine Bottle Stopper

Tentacle Wine Bottle Stopper (sold individually) $9.95 You know what goes great with Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Riesling wines? A little tentacle. Tentacle Wine Bottle Stopper from the [...]

Draw Bridge

I’ve heard this joke before, but it was about the sign that said “Clean Restrooms.” This photo is from artist Alex Pardee. Note the river monster showing his tentacle. In the drawing. Link -via Laughing Squid

Inflatable Tentacle Arm

Inflatable Tentacle Arm – $11.95 Are you a sucker for the big eyes of a brainy octopus? We at the NeatoShop are not here to judge you. We encourage you to embrace your inner cephalopod with the Inflatable Tentacle Arm from the NeatoShop. Don’t forget, the Inflatable Tentacle Arm pairs great with the Tentacle Mustache. Be sure [...]

Tentacle Mustache

Tentacle Mustache – $3.95 Do you with you could grow a fantastic mustache, but are follicy challenged? You need the Tentacle Mustache from the NeatoShop. This is what all the gentleman squid/human hybrids are wearing. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more hilarious Gag Gifts & Pranks! Link

Infinity Tentacles For The Lovecrafian Mathematician

There’s not much to say about this infinity tentacle other than it was created by DeviantArt user Andrew Strauss and that it is so delightfully geeky that it had to be featured here on Neatorama. Link Via Laughing Squid

Fashion Statement: Dead Cicadas in Hair

I found this image on WTF Japan, Seriously!? with no description. A bit of Googling led me to a 2008 post on Pink Tentacle explaining that a young celebrity in Japan who goes by the name Shokotan had taken to decorating her hair with dead cicadas. But keep in mind: that was three years ago, which [...]

Tentacle Tie

Etsy seller Rebecca Roka offers this squidscot covered with 29 sucker cups. Her shop includes a “Tentacle section.” Now there’s a retailing novelty! Not even the largest Wal-Mart has a tentacle section. Link via Nerdcore

Finger Tentacle

Finger Tentacle – $1.95 Do you have the urge to get in touch with your inner cephalopod? With the Finger Tentacle from the NeatoShop you can! Oh, how grand life would be if you could live under the sea. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more outrageous gifts.

Embroidered Wall Tentacle

Sure, you could have an ordinary wall tentacle, but what fun is that? If you’re going to really shock your mother-in-law, it needs to be in a traditional craft, such as embroidery. Craftster user jemimah made this solid work of embroidery using a technique called stumpwork. That involves working the fabric over a wire base [...]

Prosthetic Tentacle

Kaylene Kau is a recent graduate of the industrial design program at the University of Washington. She built a prosthetic arm. But instead of trying to replicate the functions of a human hand, she built a functional tentacle. Link via DVICE