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The Seven Best American Movie Trilogies

When a movie becomes a hit, the studio’s natural tendency is to do the same thing again. However, making a sequel that is anywhere near as good as the original film is hit-or-miss. Making a third movie that is worth watching is even more difficult. There have been many attempts, many failures, and a few [...]

Common Faults in Human Thought

We all tend to be forgetful once in a while or have thoughts that are counterproductive. However in psychology there are several areas of human thought that have been identified as common faults. My favorite is The Confirmation Bias, which I already knew to be true. The confirmation bias is the tendency to look for or [...]

Jenga Online

Looking for something to amuse the kids while school is out? This online game of Jenga might be a challenge. Mine had a tendency to move around before I removed the first block! Link -via mental_floss