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The UK’s Most-Complained-About Advertisements of All Time

(YouTube link) The Telegraph has a compliation of the ten advertisements (print and televised) which have generated the most complaints to the official watchdog.  The subject matter is generally predictable: misleading content, sex (contraception, abortion, nudity), violence, verbal and physical child abuse, religion, and climate change. Oh, and also one about a cat being kicked by a [...]

Tweeting with a Telegraph

(Video Link) Joe McKay made the Tweetagraph — a machine that uses a telegraph key to sent tweets. An arduino converts the taps of the key into letters and then updates the Twitter feed. In a bow to history, McKay sends the message “What hath God wrought?” Link via Make Previously: RSS Telegraph

20 Strangest Craigslist Advertisements

The Daily Telegraph has assembled what it considers to be the twenty strangest ads ever placed on Craigslist. These include a chair that Ralph Nader once (possibly) sat in, a drunk clown, and a woman who would like to rent out her bathroom. Here’s one for a vast collection of papal mitres — Pope hats: “Because [...]

What 20 Websites Looked Like When They Were First Launched

Image: Daily Telegraph The Daily Telegraph has an image gallery of twenty websites when they were first published. It includes Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Craiglist. The image above is of the White House’s website when it was launched in 1994. Link via Urlesque