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15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in July

Let’s hear it for the old red, white, and blue! In addition to another solid year of independence, July offers a bounty of unusual reasons to celebrate. July 1: National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day In 1984, Ronald Reagan deemed July “National Ice Cream Month,” and the third Sunday of this month “National Ice Cream Day.” As [...]

Everybody Conga!!!!!

(Video Link) Teddy bears might not actually have picnics, but apparently real bears love to dance. I don’t know about you, but I would sure jump in this line! Via Cute Overload

Fake Science Fair Project: Teddy Bear Birth Defects

What happens when Pure Evil contaminates the drinking water of pregnant teddy bears? Dr. Allison Lonsdale of the Institute for Dangerous Research decided to find out. These were her procedures: 1. A sample of Pure Evil was obtained from the ruins o f an exploded toaster in the south of England. 2. Pure Evil was administered, via [...]

Star Wars Facebook Updates

Yeah, but they’re teddy bears that eat people, so don’t feel too bad. Brian Murphy of CollegeHumor put together five Facebook update pages as though they had been written by Star Wars characters. Link via Hell in a Handbasket