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Is NASA developing warp drive ?

Could NASA be working on technology that could one day enable us to travel to other solar systems ? Dr. Harold White, the head of NASA’s Advanced Prop…

The Time Douglas Adams Met Jim Henson

“Kermit and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew in the digitally created world of the Muppet Institute of Technology, 1985.” -Image © The Jim Henson Company On September 13, 1983, Jim Henson and author Douglas Adams had dinner for the first time. Henson noted the event in his “Red Book” journal, in characteristic short-form style: ‘Dinner with Douglas [...]

Augmented Reality Cooking Simulator Makes Virtual Food

(Video Link)  Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a realistic simulation of cooking with a frying pan: When you move the frying pan, the actual movement is input, and you can feel the ingredients through the pan. Also, the upper part of the system is a screen. When you look into the pan, you [...]

Lenovo CEO Distributed His $3 Million Bonus to Employees

CEOs earning millions of dollars in bonuses is not unusual, but what is remarkable is what China-based technology company Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanqing did with his: Yang Yuanqing distributed $3 million from his bonus among [...]

10 Good Reasons Not to Bring Someone Back From the Dead

Yes, we might not yet have the technology to bring people back from the dead, but even if we did, it still is probably something we won’t want to do. If you need a few reasons to leave the dead the way they are, then this io9 article should help remind you why it’s such [...]

The Terrifying Playgrounds and Other Innovations Coming to Our Future

What technology and innovation will tomorrow bring? All you have to do is take a look at this feature over at The New York Times, titled 32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow. I’m particularly [...]


Some strange technology makes Etsy seller Rae’s corset the most effective ever. Anyone can squeeze into it! She also sells a matching skirt and bow tie. Link -via Walyou Previously: Geek Chic TARDIS Corset

Scientists develop method to ‘print’ drugs

The technology could lead to personal medicine dispensers that can be operated from one’s own home. Researchers at Glasgow University used a type of 3…

Electronic Abacus

The sorocal is a retro-cool Japanese marvel of current and ancient technology: a calculator combined with an abacus. Sharp made four models in the seventies and eighties, including the one that you see above. Math students used the manual system to verify the results of the electronic system. Link -via Technabob | Photo: Partners & Spade

Power Outlet that Charges for Charging

We posted a comic about people charging their mobile devices at an airport, and it made me wonder how long it would be before the airport started charging money for this service. Technology is working toward that glorious day. Sony is building a new kind of power outlet that raises a not entirely pleasant prospect—in the [...]