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8 Once Amazing Sci Fi Technologies Now Inferior to Real Life Gadgets

We don’t have flying cars, but otherwise, it can be hard for science fiction to keep up with the pace of modern technology. Evan Hoovler of blastr has a list of eight technological wonders from science fiction now present in real life, such as the PADD from Star Trek, now available as the iPad: Like modern [...]

Early Adopters Through History

(Video Link) Animator Dan Meth, whose work we’ve previously featured, made this cartoon about people who resist buying the latest technological wonders, like iPads and spears. “What — this? Oh, it’s my bone. It makes hunting for food way easier. You should get one.” Dan Meth’s Website

World’s Oldest Man Shares His Advice and Memories

(Video Link) Walter Breuning of Great Falls, Montana turned 114 years old today. He’s the oldest man in the world. In this video, Breuning shares his memories of growing up in the 19th Century, experiencing hard economic times, and appreciating the technological wonders of our time. Link via Geekosystem