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Diabolical Death Rays from the PopSci Archives

Death rays and high tech weapons were popular fixtures in popular fiction of the 20s and 30s, but it turns out they were also on the minds of scientists at the time, too, who strove to recreate some of scifi’s most devastating weapons right here on Earth. Thanks to the PopSci archives, we can look [...]

2012 Geek Olympic Events

Finally! Events we can all participate in …although not all of us would excel. From The Joy of Tech. Link

Recycled Tech Turned Into Works Of Art

Who wants to clutter up landfills with old junk tech when you can make cool art pieces out of it? The artists in this gallery have come up with some rather ingenious ways to recycle that old tech trash, from making surreal landscapes out of motherboards, a crashing wave of recycled records, and even a nine [...]

What To Do?

Nitrozac and Snaggy from The Joy of Tech made a comic to cover the site during the internet strike. See, there are things to do that aren’t on the web! Link -via Laughing Squid

The Twelve Shoppers of Christmas

The Joy of Tech sorts out the folks who shop -or don’t- for Christmas gifts. You can see a larger version at the site if the print is too small here. Which one are you? Link -via Nag on the Lake

Vintage Radios Turned Into IPod Docks

In a delightfully stylish blend of old tech and new, Devin Ward has discovered the charm and simplicity of repurposing vintage radios for use as IPod docks. So if you wanna swank up your pad, without sacrificing the convenience of having many gigabytes of music at your fingertips, then these retro styled beauties might be [...]

Pedestrian Detour Translated

A sign on the Georgia Tech campus gets a translation from someone who draws arrows. I guess you could call that person an “arrowsmith.” Note the people in the picture are obeying the signs. Link

9 Inspiring Green Tech Projects

I never knew that Portugal was a leading clean-tech nation in the EU.  Their massive Solar Photovoltaic Farm project sounds really promising. Maybe we should all learn something from these nine stories and work together to develop green tech in order to benefit society and our planet. Portugal produces 1/3 of its energy from renewable sources. [...]

The Ceramic Cameras of Steve Irvine

Steve Irvine makes ceramic pinhole cameras. He writes “I like the organic look of these cameras which contrasts with our usual notions of cameras being machine-made, high tech devices.” The cameras are quite functional, as you can see from the photograph below, taken with the camera above. Link via Make | Photos: Steve Irvine