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Microscopic Origami

Shoji Takeuchi of the University of Tokyo, Japan, and colleagues, have taken the art of origami to new heights. Or technically, new smalls: the team managed to create microscopic origami folds using tissue cultures: The [...]

The Uncanny Edo Period X-Men

Alex Mitchell is back with another historically re-envisioned superhero team- the Edo period X-Men! This alternate version of the X-Men may have found their powers through magic instead of mutation, but they still look like they’d mess you up for spilling their Sapporo, except for Jubilee who looks too cute to be threatening. You can find the [...]

Now That’s Rocket Science: An Interview with JPL’s Erisa Hines

Last month, after publishing my interview with NASA’s Steve Collins, I promised a second interview with another member of the JPL Curiosity Rover team. Today, we finally get that interview with Erisa Hines, a key member of the JPL team that landed the rover on Mars. If you’ve been living under a rock the past couple [...]

Jim Thorpe: The Man, The Myth, the Small Pennsylvania Town

If I say the name Jim Thorpe, most of you will probably think of the Native American baseball player/football player/Olympian. Some of you, though, will think of the Carbon County, Pennsylvania borough known as “Switzerland of America” and the “Gateway to the Poconos.” I think of both, and what concerns us here today is how the latter [...]

One in a Quarter Million Odds: After Fifty Years, All Members of This High School Rugby Team Are Still Alive

Fifty years ago, the rugby team of the Portsmouth Grammar School in Hampshire, UK posed for a photo. They went their separate ways, but all sixteen members survived the years and returned to update their picture. The odds were astronomical: The odds of all of the original first team being alive to meet for the milestone [...]

Teddy Roosevelt’s Historic Losing Streak Is Over

Getty Images After more than 500 losses, Teddy Roosevelt has finally won his first Presidents Race. (Yes, the Rough Rider won the 1904 presidential election, but until today, he had never won the Washington Nationals’ mid-game Presidents Race.) On the final day of baseball’s regular season, Teddy came from behind to beat his fellow Rushmores – George [...]

How easy is it to confuse our moral compass ?

Cognitive scientist Lars Hall set out to determine just how easy it is to fool our moral principles. Hall and his team at Lund University in Sweden co…

Grenade Thrown onto Soccer Field, Player Casually Throws It Back Right before It Explodes

(Video Link)  Wow. Soccer fans are hardcore. We’d expect this kind of thing in cricket. But soccer? In a match between a Saudi team and an Iranian team, one Iranian player found a grenade on the field. He threw it away and it promptly exploded: Watch as Sepahan midfielder Adel Kolahkaj (40) casually tosses the small explosive [...]

Is the Baltic Sea anomaly a glacial deposit ?

The mysterious rocks found by Peter Lindberg’s Ocean X team could be little more than glacial debris. Lindberg himself continued to promote the myster…

Really Strange School Mascots

You’ve read about funny college sports mascots, but have you ever seen a purple cow? Meet Ephelia, the Williams College purple cow. Back in 1865, two young women at Williams College in Massachusetts wanted to make sure that the school’s baseball team had an official team color before they faced Harvard in the intercollegiate champion [...]