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Teacher injured by falling fish

A teacher in Southwest Florida was injured after being hit by a fish that had fallen from the heavens. Despite being hit on the head by what was later…

Alan Turing’s School Grades

As an adult, Alan Turing proved to be a genius. Among other accomplishments, he was a pioneer in computer science. But when he was a teenager, Turing was less impressive. Here’s what his English instructor said about his work: Without being lazy, he seems to do his work rather perfunctorily. I should like to see [...]

Villains That Were Thinly-Veiled Versions of Real People

There is probably no greater revenge on a teacher that you hated then becoming one of the world’s most successful authors and using them as the basis for your epic villain. Although fighting them to the death with magic would be cool too. For those of you who’ve ever dreamed of turning your childhood enemies into [...]

Cambrian Explosion

(YouTube link) Performed by the group Brighter Lights, Thicker Glasses. Music teacher turned science teacher John Palmer wrote this song to help his students learn about the Cambrian Explosion. Some of them remember it ten years later! Link -via Boing Boing

Time Management for Teachers

I’m not a teacher, but I came across this excellent video by teacher C.G.P. Grey explaining his system for organizing and managing his teaching life. While it is in part an ad for his time-management coaching services, it actually seems useful on its own — and he’s giving away what appears to be the good [...]

Man Without Legs to be P.E. Teacher

Doug Forbis is in a graduate education program and has done some student teaching. He aspires to be a physical education teacher for children with special needs. Forbis believe he can offer encouragement because he’s an athlete -despite having no legs. “It’s so rare for kids with special needs to have a teacher with special needs [...]

The Sexual Harassment Dice

What did your elementary school teacher do as punishments when you did something bad? Did she make you sit in a corner? Rap your knuckles? Well, whatever it was, it’s probably not the Sexual Harassment Dice. The 59-year-old teacher at Ogi Elementary School in Iruma, Saitama Prefecture, apparently had three dice, one with sides marked [...]

15 Famous People Who Used to Teach

Students, we know you may not be all that ecstatic about seeing your teachers – and the homework they assign – as the school year starts up. Pay attention in class, though; you never know what hidden talents your teachers might have. Just look at all of these famous former teachers: 1. Gene Simmons The tongue-flicking [...]

Stop the X-Factor, Danyl Johnson Will Win

Danyl Johnson is a teacher, but we suspect he will not be starting the Autumn 2009 term. The kids will have to find someone else to teach them how to read because, as Simon Cowell said, his was the best audition that the X Factor show had ever seen. So, folks, stop the show, we have [...]