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Tea To My Heart Tea Infuser

Tea To My Heart Tea Infuser Valentine’s Day is coming. Are you wondering what heartfelt gift to give your favorite tea drinker. You need the Tea To My Heart Tea Infuser from the NeatoShop. This delightful tea infuser is shaped like a heart shot by arrow.   Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great [...]

Flying Sparrow Tea Cup

Flying Sparrow Tea Cup – $29.95 (sold separately)  Are you looking to add a little whimsy to your tea drinking experience? Well, you are in for a real tweet. Feast your eyes on the Flying Sparrow Tea Cups from the NeatoShop. Each playful mug features a sparrow. On one mug the handle is the bird’s tail. [...]

A Tea Table on the Roof

This tea table by Lithuanian artist AinÄ— BunikytÄ— has both a private and a public atmosphere. Placed high on a tile roof, it’s almost inaccessible. But if you can reach it, you’ve got a lovely view of the world as you enjoy your morning tea. Link | Photo: Kernius Pauliukonis

Why You Should Drink Hot Tea in Hot Weather

Drinking hot tea when it’s so hot outside seems like the complete opposite of what you should do, but it’s not such a crazy idea. This story by Joe Palca of NPR’s Morning Edition explains why drinking [...]

Was There Really an Earl Grey?

As a matter of fact, there have been several. This particular Earldom was created in 1806 for General Charles Grey, who was the 1st Baron Grey. After Charles died, the title was passed on to his son Charles, making him the 2nd Earl Grey. The title has passed from father to son over the years [...]

Tea Bath

Tea, Earl Grey, hot. Also a bit of bath salts, if you don’t mind. Serve it in this cute tea cup set made by the Dutch design firm Het Paradijs. Studio Website -via Racheal

Tea Bag Cookies

Kim of Party Frosting made these adorable cookies when she saw wooden tea bag toys. It occurred to her that she could make a tastier alternative out of shortbread. With a touch of chocolate frosting, they really do look like tea bags. Link -via Tasteologie

Robot Tea Infuser

Robot Tea Infuser – $9.95 Do you like your tea with a dash of retro technology? Check out this cute Robot Tea Infuser from the NeatoShop! The [...]

Man manufactures tea from panda droppings

An Yanshi is attempting to produce the world’s most expensive tea out of panda excrement. “Pandas have a very poor digestive system and only absorb ab…

Pleasant Holidays With The Entire Family Tea

Pleasant Holidays With The Entire Family Tea – $9.95 Are you dreading the holidays? You need the Pleasant Holidays With The Family Tea from the NeatoShop. This Darjeeling with spice tea provides just the right dose of laughter to help soothe frayed nerves. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fun Food & Drinks! Link