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Bicycle Taxidermy

If you’re a bicyclist, these are probably either really cool or really disturbing at first glance. Regan Appleton doesn’t mow down bicyclists and collect their handlebars as trophies. He memorializes treasured bikes by mounting their handlebars on taxidermy plaques along with engraved epitaphs. Link -via Inhabitat


Taxidermy is an art, but the problem is that so many non-artists think they can do it. The results are sometimes so funny you can’t believe they are unintentional. See a collection of hilarious attempts at Uproxx. Link

Beautiful Lifelike Crepe Paper Birds

This gorgeous collection of crepe paper birds was crafted by lover of all things avian Aimee Baldwin, who refers to her works as Vegan Taxidermy. They’re full of fine detail, wonderfully rich colors and a realism that will make you wonder how they’re able to breathe underneath that glass dome! Her beautiful birdies are available for purchase [...]

Taxidermy Comes Alive!

The art of taxidermy has seen a resurgence in the past decade, after falling out of favor some fifty years ago. Lisa Hix of Collector’s Weekly studied the phenomenon, and talked to quite a few new-wave taxidermists, including Robert Marbury of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists. Marbury, now based in Baltimore, says he believes Internet [...]

Ojai Valley Taxidermy

(YouTube link) It takes something special to make local TV ads stand out, and Ojai Valley Taxidermy has accomplished that. Chuck Testa doesn’t mince words -he specializes in making dead animals appear lifelike. Even when they’re in bed with you. If you have the stomach for taxidermy work, you can also check out Chuck’s Tuesday Tips [...]

Weird Websites of the Week: Badly Stuffed Animals and Birds With Arms

Plenty of people make their living as taxidermists, so I don’t want to say — and don’t really agree — that taxidermy is itself intrinsically creepy. It can serve important functions, like creating displays at museums of natural history. But there’s something undeniably creepy about taxidermy that’s done badly, which is the modus behind the [...]

Awful Taxidermy

Crappy Taxidermy is a photo blog devoted to highlighting the worst works of taxidermy, such as this Santa Fe diesel locomotive. Someone bagged a 16-point buck. That’s pretty good! Link via Doobybrain

Taxidermy Gone Wild

Art takes many forms and uses a variety of media. A skilled artist can make a thing of beauty out of any available material, including dead animals. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and many beginners think they are a skilled artists. That’s why we have a range of “art” that includes [...]

Vegan Taxidermy

Sculptor and nature lover Aimée Baldwin creates realistic stuffed birds without any bird parts! These are made with hand-cut crepe paper feathers over individually-shaped foam and paper-mâché body, with wire legs, sculpted claws and beaks, and taxidermy glass eyes* *(glass eyes are the only pre-fabricated part of the birds) Her gallery of works includes extinct birds, which a [...]

10 Great Examples of Eerie Taxidermy Art

Oddee has a roundup of the creepiest taxidermy creations ever. Shown here is the work of Jaun Cabana, who creates mythical aquatic creatures from parts of different animals. He’s just one of ten taxidermy artists linked in the list. Not for the squeamish; some images are NSFW. Link