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The Taxi agency’s ad for the Vancouver Aquarium reminds us that male seahorses gestate their young. A pregnancy test embedded in the bottom of urinals returns a (presumably false) positive result whenever a man uses it. Link -via Super Punch

Catch The Party Cab For The Ride Of Your Life

(YouTube Link) His name is Taxi Dave, he drives the Party Cab between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m., and he’s a one man mobile paaar-tay in Sacramento, CA! Watch him strut and sway his way across the parking lot, performing the Taxi Dave Dance in order to attract new customers. Party Cab is in the house tonight [...]

NYC Cabbie also Works as a King in Africa

Isaac Osei started out driving a taxi in New York City when he immigrated to the US about thirty years ago. He has built up that business into a fleet of fifty cars operating day and night. But that’s not his only occupation. When his older brother in Ghana died, Osei took his place as [...]

Is Michael Jackson Driving a Taxi in Brazil?

Michael Jackson may be dead, but his voice lives on in this Brazilian taxi driver named Jean Walker. The Buzz Log has a video clip of Jean singing the King of Pop’s Billy Jean, while driving through the streets of Minas Gerais: Link [embedded YouTube]

Cabs Blowing Up in NYC

Not a euphemism, like “blowing up the spot.” I’m saying that taxis are exploding – like spontaneously combusting – in the snow-covered streets of New York City. So while we’re all cursing the cold and wishing for some heat, maybe let’s not wish quite so hard, since, that taxi blowing up in the video below? It’s [...]

Tomorrow’s Taxis

New York City held a design contest for new taxi cabs and have winnowed the finalists down to three designs, none of which are very exciting, but could make the manufacturer of the eventual winner rather wealthy. However, the city reserves the right to reject all three and start the competition over. Enter Neatorama’s own [...]

Microsoft Uses Taxis to Make Better Online Map Directions

Microsoft, concluding that taxi drivers may be a good source of directions for its online mapping service, gathered GPS data from 33,000 cabs in China: Taxi drivers, in general, are far more knowledgeable about the cities in which they drive than Google could ever be alone. London cabbies spend years learning what’s called “The Knowledge,” a [...]

The Cheapest Taxi Rates in the World

The blog The Price of Travel assessed the average rate for a 3-kilometer taxi ride in one hundred cities. The editors observed that, with some exceptions, taxis were almost the same level of automotive quality worldwide. Higher-quality cars did not necessarily correlate with higher rates. These were the ten cheapest rates: $0.90 – $1.58 Delhi, India $0.97 – [...]

Man Robs Bank, Calls Taxi for Getaway Service

If you’re going to rob a bank, it’s a good idea to have your plan thought all the way through before starting: Taxi driver James Anderson tells the Missoulian newspaper the man was acting strangely when he picked him up at a Missoula coffee shop. He says the man first asked to be taken to the University [...]

World’s Longest Re-fuel Queue

Taxi drivers in a Chinese city are complaining that they are having to queue for miles to refuel their cars. Cabbies in Chongqing can use either petrol or natural gas but they prefer to use natural gas as it is much cheaper. But a cold weather snap has led to shortages with production falling and more people [...]