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The Carrot Rebellion

Spain recently raised the value-added-tax (VAT) on cultural activates to 21%, which didn’t sit well with theater owners. One theater in Bescanó staged a revolt by using carrots! Theater owner Quim Marcé explains: “We said, ‘This is the end of our theater, and many others.’ But then the next morning, I thought, we’ve got to do [...]

Is Chipotle Stealing Pennies?

Oh, Chipotle. The restaurant has been caught with its hands in the salsa container when an amateur sleuth noticed that it’s been rounding its bills to eliminate pennies: On several recent shopping trips, Jayson Greenberg [...]

Miss Flame in the Bedroom with the Shoe: 4 Board Games that Changed With The Culture

Plenty of board games have debuted special editions, integrated electronics (who wants to roll dice anymore, anyways?), and upgraded to fancy carved pieces. But here are four classic games that had to change their rules just to stay relevant in the culture around them. 1. The Game of Life Photo by user c.a. muller Unsurprisingly, the [...]

Burning Books to Save the Library

(YouTube link) The library in Troy, Michigan, was under a threat to close if a referendum raising taxes .07% did not pass. Things looked pretty grim until a creative campaign using reverse psychology was designed to turn the focus from the tax increase to the library and its books. Troy Public Library would close for good unless [...]

Transgender Tax Enforcers

Forget straight-laced tax agents trying to intimidate you into paying taxes. That just won’t work with hardened tax evaders of Pakistan, so they’ve come up with an alternative method: send in the transgender enforcers! Armed [...]

11 Things You Might Not Know About Income Tax

© David Woo/Corbis Every American’s least favorite day of the year is just around the corner. In commiseration, here are some things you might not know about the income tax. 1. More People Think It’s Okay to Cheat Taxes are never popular, but recently they have gotten even less so. In 2011, 16% of Americans said it was [...]

Are Unmarried People Discriminated Against?

Certain subsidies and tax breaks for married couples and families were enacted to encourage marriage and keep children from falling into poverty. But is this fair to people who aren’t married? Fewer U.S. households are headed by married couples every year. And all those single people aren’t happy about paying more and getting less. Activists say [...]

Get Buried in Space, Get a Tax Break in Virginia

If you’ve always wanted to be buried in space and you want to save some money on your taxes, you might want to consider moving to Virginia. That is, assuming the state passes a proposed law allowing a $2,500 per year tax deduction, up to $8,000 total, for those who opt to have their remains [...]

Should Junk Food Be "Fat Taxed"?

The skinny: Everyone knows junk food–especially fast food–is bad for you. In recent years, restaurants and food manufacturers have been required to list nutritional information in more obvious and realistic ways (including labels for trans fat content and more conspicuous serving size info), but some say that public health regulations should go further, by imposing a “fat [...]

Is McDonald’s a Restaurant or a Supermarket?

Foodies may argue that the stuff you get from McDonald’s barely qualify as food, but we ask the question above because of the actions of the company itself. You see, McDonald’s lawyers are arguing that the fast food chain should be classified as supermarkets rather than restaurants to avoid a huge tax bill: In a legal battle [...]