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Calculation Aid Tattoo

Zach lost a finger and didn’t want to have to take off a shoe to count to ten. So he got Kirk Nilsen of the Crown & Anchor Tattoo Parlor in Point Pleasant, New Jersey to ink this helpful replacement. Link | Artist’s Website

Terminator Arm Tattoo

He’ll be back … from the tattoo parlor with this awesome Terminator Endoskeleton arm tattoo! Created by Venezuelan artist Yomico Moreno – via Fashionably Geek

Mom Got Tattooed with Son’s Ashes

After Kim Mordue lost her son, she decided to carry him with her forever in her heart … and in her tattoos: Three years ago, Kim Mordue lost her son Lloyd to a fatal run in with the party drug GHB. Kim’s husband runs a tattoo parlor, and together they’ve found a way to deal with [...]