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Norman Rockwell’s Optimus Prime

The always brilliant Marco D’alfonso, master of the mashup, imagined Optimus Prime in Norman Rockwell’s 1944 painting The Tattoo Artist. The best part is D’alfonso’s subtle references in the background matching Rockwell’s original work. You can view a much larger version at the link. Link and Norman Rockwell Original -via Super Punch

Gangnam Style Tattoo

You knew it was coming. And here it is: the tattoo of Psy of Gangnam Style fame by music lover and tattoo artist Jefferson Bernardo Correa AKA Jeffinho Tattow. Most excellent! Link [...]

Practical Tattoo Provides a Shopping or To-Do List

Do you remember Floyd Davis, the man who turned a toolbox into a boombox? Being a successful crafter means being organized. So Davis had Jason Hoodrich ink this tattoo on his arm. Except for the lines, the notepad is blank. Davis fills it in before he heads to the hardware store for supplies. Link | Davis’s [...]

Remixed Star Wars Tattoo Designs

Tattoo artist Joshua Couchenour has some excellent ideas for your next tat. They combine popular tattoo patterns and symbols with content that will excite any Star Wars fan. Come’on, let’s head to the studio. Link -via io9

First Ever Animated Tattoo

By including a QR Code as part of the design a tattoo artist claims to have created the first ever animated tattoo. See the video at the link of the tattoo being created along with the corresponding animation. What do you think, does this count as an “animated tattoo?” Link

The Weirdest Digg Stories This Year

2009 has been a great year for weird news. Asylum has collected the best weird stories this year that were featured on the Digg homepage. Remember when Woody Harrelson attacked a photographer, claiming he thought he was a zombie? Or when the girl with stars all over her face lied about falling asleep in the [...]