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Found: Planet with Four Suns

If you think Tatooine is pretty sunny with its two suns, this newly discovered planet is doubly so: Astronomers have found a planet whose skies are illuminated by four different suns – the first known of its type. The distant [...]

Star Wars Terrariums

Tony Larson’s tiny terrariums will give you enchanted glimpses of Dagobah, Tatooine and Endor. And if you care to depart the Star Wars universe, you can also visit the homelands of Bigfoot, the Wolfman and many dinosaurs. Link -via Technabob


These cookies have fewer than 6 million flavors, but they’ll serve your dietary and translation needs from Endor to Tatooine. Jill of Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons made them by dipping oreos into a candy melt, then adding eyes made out of caramels and chocolate chips. Link

Jawa Bento Box

The sands of Tatooine are made of despair, pita bread and white beans. But mostly despair. Food artist Rena contributed this snack to a Star Wars bento box challenge three years ago. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

A Where’s Waldo Style Panoramic Shot Of Mos Eisley

This panoramic shot of Mos Eisley by illustrator Ulises Farinas is full of characters and props from the Star Wars universe, some from another universe altogether, and some funny little Where’s Waldo style surprises to discover as you scan over the detail crammed scene. This amazing illustration definitely warrants a closer look, so make sure you [...]

Mos Eisley Embroidery

Mos Eisley on Tatooine seems like a more pleasant, cheerful place in this description. The bee is smiling, see? Craftster user GeekySweetheart made this piece of embroidery for her husband. Link via Geek Crafts | Pattern

Papercraft Stop Motion Animated Music Video about Star Wars

(Video Link) Jeremy Messersmith composed and performed a love song entitled “Tatooine”. It begins like this: Twin suns of Tatooine Taught me everything I know Twin suns of Tatooine Taught me everything I know There’s room up there for second chances Singles are fine but doubles are fantastic I’d like to think that there’s a star for me and you Spinning round, falling for [...]