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Meet Claude the Tasmanian Giant Crab

Meet Claude the Tasmanian giant crab, who was saved from boiling death when a British aquarium bought him: Catch of the day: Held up by Sealife aquarist Jemma Battric, Claude weighs a mighty [...]

UFOs sighted above Launceston, Australia

Tasmanian resident Brendon Hill filmed a series of strange lights in the skies over Mayfield last week. “On Thursday I dragged my three mates outside …

Thylacine collection goes on display

The largest private collection of Tasmanian tiger artefacts in the world has gone on display. The permanent exhibition is showing in the Wilderness G…

Tasmanian Tiger Pelt Found at Garage Sale

What do you do with the pelt of an extinct animal? Get it appraised, of course! Bill Warren of Fallbrook, California picked up an unidentified animal skin at a garage sale for $5, and found that it belongs to a Tasmanian tiger, or Thylacine (seen in this video), which was declared extinct in 1936. Most of [...]