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The Man Who Made Justin Bieber

"Wherever there’s talent, there’s talent manager," wrote Lizzie Widdicombe in this New Yorker article. Mozard had his father Leopold, Elvis had Colonel Tom Parker. The Backstreet Boys [...]

10 Fictional Restaurants

Why do fictional restaurants end up seeming better than the real thing? Because you can’t eat there and be disappointed! They don’t have to deal with things like location, expenses, talent, or business sense because they are just …fictional. Read about ten such tempting eateries at Unreality, with more discussed in the comments. Shown here [...]

Draw a Bunny!

You can fool your family and co-workers into thinking you have serious artistic talent by doodling bunnies between now and Easter Sunday. How? Just follow the instructions in the latest tutorial from cartoonist Mark Anderson at Andertoons. Link

Pencil Drawings That Look Like Pictures

Artist Paul Chiappe has a lot of talent when it comes to making pencil drawings, enough talent that he can actually make his drawings look like blurry vintage photographs. Enjoy more of his impressive works over at Flavorwire. Link

China’s Got Talent Contestant Whacked Own Balls With Hammer

Forget America’s Got Talent! Don’t bother with Britain’s Got Talent. China’s Got Talent – now that’s where it’s at. Why, you say? Just take a look at this talented 68-year-old man whose talent involves bashing his own balls with a hammer: The video, picked up by Shanghaiist, shows a menagerie of weird talents in this year’s qualifying [...]

Edward Reid: Britain’s Got Talent Susan Boyle 2.0?

For his Britain’s Got Talent 2011 audition, 35-year-old drama teacher Edward Reid sings an old classic we all know and love, but with a twist … Check out why he’s been called Susan Boyle 2.0: Link [YouTube]

6 TV Shows You Won’t Believe Saved People’s Lives

Hey, wherever you pick up lifesaving information is OK with me! Would you believe a woman’s life was saved by her poor performance on the British talent show The X Factor? In 2007, 46-year-old Jacqui Gray was one of many contestants in the fourth season of The X Factor. Like most talent show contestants, she had [...]

When Art Imitates Toys

Artist Adam Beane uses his big talent on a small scale. He makes action-figure sized creations of real-life people. He has an amazing aptitude at capturing highly dynamic poses and recreating the intricate details of people’s facial expressions when they don’t expect to be photographed. Many of his creations actually go on to be sold [...]

Doodurls – Oodles of Doodles

Got doodles? Here’s a blog called Doodurls that wants to display your doodles. Most people doodle during boring meetings, interminable classes, while waiting on hold… Doodurls wants to show them off, and they aren’t picky about your talent level either. On Doodurls, everyone’s got talent! It’s easy to submit your latest margin masterpiece – take a [...]