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Awesome CG Animated Short – A Fox Tale

(Vimeo Link) This beautiful animated short is called A Fox Tale, and it was created by four students from the French animation school Supinfocom Arles. The story is loosely based on Asian mythology, and features vibrant colors, gorgeous visual effects and charming character designs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this short become a feature length film some [...]

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The first appearance of the character Peter Rabbit was not in a book, but in a letter! A wonderfully illustrated hand-written letter that survives to this day. In September of 1893, at 26 years of age, Beatrix Potter sent the following illustrated letter to Noel, the five-year-old son of her friend and former governess, Annie Moore. [...]

If Three Little Pigs Were Covered by Modern Media

How would the fairy tale Three Little Pigs play out if it were covered by modern media? The Guardian’s fanciful advertisement for open journalism lets you "follow the story from the paper’s front page [...]

Shakespeare’s Bear

In the play Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare, we see a stage direction that has caused mouths to drop open since the 17th century: “Exit, pursued by bear.” Those who wrote about it mostly assumed he meant an actor in a bear costume. But Tom Levenson found an intriguing footnote in the book Verdi’s Shakespeare, [...]

Shark Song

(vimeo link) The heartwarming tale of a shark with a peculiar talent! Caleb Hepler won first place in an editing competition for this remix of Jaws. -Thanks, Jessica Dunn!

A Classic Tale of Pre-Teen Embarrassment and Geography

The pre-teen years are typically pretty awkward. Luckily, most of us enjoyed the benefit of not having those moments broadcast to the TV masses. Gregg Gethard wasn’t quite so fortunate. The Philadelphia comedian recently shared with Comic vs. Audience the hilarious tale of his appearance on early 90s game show Where In The World [...]

Cinderella, Cinderella

If you are interested in the global folk tale we know as Cinderella, and you have a lot of time on your hands this weekend, you might want to check out a mega-post at Metafilter. From the original Chinese version in which a king becomes obsessed with a tiny bound-foot slipper to modern feminist interpretations, [...]

Fairy Tales Retold With Balloons

I love these fairy tale recreations by artists Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle of Kelly would use Photoshop to alter the images to look more 2D and Larry did the actual bending and twisting of the balloons. See more over at Environmental Graffiti. Link


Product is a graphic tale by Jon Phillips. The dystopian sci-fi plot can get a bit depressing if you think that will bother you. If not, you’ll be glad you stuck with it through to the end. Click the linked image to enlarge. Link -via Digg