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Girl Scout Cookie Brownies

Having a hard time waiting for Girl Scout Cookies to come back out again? Well, this guide to mixing them with brownies won’t help, but it sure will be worth bookmarking when they go on sale again because these Thin Mint, Samoa and Tag-Along cookie brownies look like pure heaven. Link

Submarine Luggage Tag

Submarine Luggage Tag – $4.95 Planning a trip this Holiday Season? Make sure you can spot your luggage with the Submarine Luggage Tag from the NeatoShop. This yellow tag is sure to help you spot your bag amongst that sea of other black bags.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Travel Accessories.  Link

Is It Really Illegal to Remove Your Mattress Tag?

Spoiler Alert: It is not. But here’s why that warning is on there in the first place. At some point, most of us have heard that we’re not supposed to remove the tags from our mattresses, under penalty of law. Most of the tags even say something like “It is unlawful to remove this tag!” The [...]

Volume Discount

What a deal (and I love the tag line "End the misery today!") – via Criggo  

We All Have Baggage Luggage Tag

We All Have Baggage Luggage Tag – $11.95 Hey you! Come here. Are you in serious need of a vacation? We bet you are. Stop dreaming about your next trip and start preparing for your next trip with the We All Have Baggage Luggage Tag from the NeatoShop. This colorful luggage tag will make sure that [...]

Word Clock

If you were impressed by QLOCKTWO, but were put off by the price tag, you might want to make your own! The materials total less than $100, but you need a bit of know-how to pull it off. Instructables has your directions. Link -via a comment at reddit

Star Wars Secrets Pour out on Twitter with #Wookieleaks Tag

For several months, the #wookieleaks tag on Twitter has been the source of many unveiled secrets in the Star Wars universe. Lately, the activity has greatly increased. blastr has a list of some of the juiciest revelations that have come out. Twitter Link via blastr


Tagxedo is an application that generates tag clouds in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles for your blog, Twitter feed, or other website. You can embed a dynamic cloud or just play around with the art, like I did. This cat was created with data gleaned from Neatorama, as you probably guessed. Link -via [...]