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India Builds $35 Tablet Computers

India lags behind many other countries in computer technology. Only half of the colleges in that nation have access to the Internet. To broaden computer and especially Internet access, the Indian government is now selling a simple tablet computer called the Aakash at a subsidized rate of $35 each: The 13-ounce touch-screen device can handle basic [...]

World’s Largest Labyrinth Game Is Played with a Bowling Ball

(Video Link) Have you ever played one of those labyrinth games where you’re trying to move a marble around a wooden maze by altering its pitch? This is a giant version which is played with a bowling ball and controlled with a tablet computer. It was on display yesterday at Google’s I/O Conference. Link via Popular Science [...]

App Magnets

App Magnets – $12.95 You’ve got the best laptop, best smart phone, the best tablet computer … but what about your fridge magnets? Well, don’t be left out of style, hipsters! Check out these App Magnets by Alyssa Zeller over at the NeatoShop. Yes, they’re shaped like your favorite app icons: Link | More Fun Geeky [...]