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An Online Breaking Bad Art Show

We’ve featured a lot of artwork from Gallery 1988, and while it’s all pretty cool, the problem is that if you don’t live near L.A., you probably won’t be able to go see any of the shows yourself. That’s why the Breaking Gifs art show is so awesome. It’s an online art show presented by Gallery [...]

Periodic Table SYMBOLS in Order Song

(YouTube link) This song does what it says in the title, and will make you laugh. It was meant as a study aid, but it didn’t help me memorize the elements at all. How about you? Oh yeah, in case it went a little fast for you, the lyrics at the YouTube page …or on any [...]

9 Ways Geeks Have Inherited the Earth

A wise man once said, “Living well is the best revenge.” The paraphrased quote that is the title of this article at Geeks Are Sexy is also true. Those kids who were made fun of in school because they used slide rules or built their own computers or memorized the periodic table of elements? They [...]