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Animals On Trial?

Imagine trying to prosecute someone who could only respond with oinks and grunts. Believe it or not, trials of this type did happen many times in the middle ages and continue to take place in non-Westernized countries. Mental Floss has a great collection of these stories, including a pig who was executed in people clothes, [...]

Cats Ready to Kill You

“QUANTUM SHOT” #679Link – by Avi Abrams One more word from you, and… These felines are insane. They have issues. They are not happy. Don’t even look wrong at them, or come close – they got nothing to lose, and will not stop from… well, killing you: The word on the street is, “The Grey Psycho Tabby” is [...]

6 Christmas Episodes Worth Mentioning

Holiday episodes tend to be a bit generic. How many times can you rework A Christmas Carol or The Gift of the Magi into a sitcom plot? Here are a smattering of episodes worth mentioning either because they’re rare, different or doggone it, because I just like ‘em. 1. Bewitched Bewitched had many traditional Christmas episodes during [...]