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Jean-Luc, I Am Your Father

So this is what happens when two sci-fi universes collide. Jean-Luc (or is it Jean-Luke? That can’t be a coincidence!) discovered that the truth hurts more than being stabbed in the heart by a Nausicaan, as illustrated [...]

Decisions, Decisions

Too many decisions to make! This Twaggie was illustrated by David Barneda from a Tweet by SlayerSays. Check out all the illustrated Tweets (and you may find one you want on a t-shirt) at Twaggies! Link

This Poem Makes No Sense

It rhymes, and it’s funny, but Dave, wouldn’t it have been easier to just print up a t-shirt? Link

Let’s Ask Matt Soniak Some Questions

Matt Soniak is our in-house answer man. Since 2008, he’s answered hundreds of Big Questions, and saved me valuable time whenever I’m wondering anything. (He’s my ChaCha.) We’re working out his August schedule today, so if there’s something you’d like him to consider, let us know! If we use your question, we’ll give you a shout [...]

Walrus Dances to Michael Jackson

(YouTube link) Look at those moves! This walrus has earned a whole bucket of fish. The information at YouTube is in Russian, and gives no indication of where this was recorded, but if you can translate the back of one employee’s t-shirt, you may be able to tell us. -via Buzzfeed

Shirt? Sculpture? It’s Both!

Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski collaborated to create this magnificent 3D sculpture of a wolf T-shirt you can wear: Link | More cutting-edge T-shirt over at the T-Shirt Issue – via Designaside [...]

Death to Hipster Granny

Death to Hipster granny hates hipster before it was cool. But doesn’t that make her the ultimate hipster? Via Cubiclebot See also: I Blame Hipsters T-shirt from the NeatoShop

Tom Swifty Contest

More Awesome Than a Double Rainbow T-Shirt – $11.95 Of course you all know about our Facebook and Twitter accounts. But did you know we also are ramping up our presence over on Google+? If you’re not yet on there, now’s a good time because we’re running a fun Tom Swifty contest this weekend. Go write [...]

Axolotl Never Grow Up T-Shirt

Never Grow Up Axolotl T-shirt – $14.95 The axolotl "Never Grow Up" T-shirt by Nathan Mazur of Scared of Bees is my new favorite Science [...]

How to Banish Jealousy (or Envy)

Works for me! This Twaggie was illustrated by Mitra Farmand from a Tweet by @hipstermermaid.  See all the new Twaggies, and remember, you can get any you like printed on a t-shirt! Link