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GIFs Based On Threadless T-Shirt Designs

Threadless t shirt designs are the perfect source material to make into animated GIFs- the designs are fun, colorful and admired by geeks and squares alike. Good thing Threadless is hosting a competition called ThreadGIF, where community members are urged to bring t shirt designs to life for fame and free shirts. Check out the rest of [...]

How To Pitch a Blockbuster

If your movie pitch got rejected, perhaps you weren’t using the right buzzwords. Mike Jacobsen of See Mike Draw explains the secret of pitching a blockbuster to Hollywood: Link See also Mike Jacobsen’s T-Shirt designs at the NeatoShop

T-Shirt – Penis Sticking Out Of Pants

T-Shirt – Penis I would definitely wear this penis t-shirt designs for Man every day of my life if I had one.Source :- Linkognito