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Making Dinosaur Sounds for Jurassic Park

How do you make a dinosaur roar, when we have no idea what dinosaurs actually sounded like? The sound designers for Jurassic Park recorded living animals and combined them. In this short video, we learn a little about field recording, sampling, and the art of making an extinct dinosaur roar. Keep an [...]

Partysaurus Rex

(Disney Video link) Disney/Pixar’s new animated short features Rex, the toy dinosaur from Toy Story. Who says T. rex couldn’t use his arms for anything useful? -via The Daily What Geek

The Late Movies: 1972

When I posted some of my favorite songs from 1971 last year, y’all seemed to like them. How about another great year for music? The year 1972 marked my entrance into high school, and 40 years later, my two youngest daughters will advance to 9th grade. I had a long list of songs I liked, [...]

Tyrannosaurus Trying to Use His Little Arms

T-Rex Trying is Hugh Murphy’s cartoon collection showing a poor little tyrannosaurus trying and failing to do different things that require longer arms. It’s hard to be a t-rex in a brontosaurus world. Link -via Blame It on the Voices

T-Rex Sculpture Made Out Of Recycled Metal Parts

As if T-Rex, the big daddy of dinosaurs with a serious appetite to match, isn’t badass enough in the scaly flesh, now he’s been built out of scrap metal parts by sculptor Andrew Chase. And, while this over two foot tall, and six foot long, metal sculpture is far from life sized, he would be no [...]

T. Rex: Fatso?

Ah, T. Rex: Fierce … ferocious … fat? Paleontologist John R. Hutchinson and colleagues led the study that suggested that the king of dinosaur was way plumper than previously thought: “We knew she was big but the 30 percent increase in her weight [...]

The Best Dinosaur

In this five-minute standup clip, comedian Dan Telfer displays an almost disturbingly complete knowledge of dinosaurs, as he challenges his audience to figure out what is the best dinosaur. Spoiler alert: it’s not Velociraptor. The language is NSFW, so use headphones. But if you work where I work, this is what’s going on your internal [...]

Wolverine vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Who will win? My money’s on Logan. Maybe if it was a T-Rex that had been crossed with a Great White Shark, that would be different. Click on the link to see the end of the fight, as depicted by Andrew Hou. Link via The Mary Sue

Fossil Food Dinosaur Cupcake Mold

Fossil Food – $11.95 Dig up your dessert! Make your next cupcakes in these fun cupcake molds featuring four different dinosaurs. Each cupcake mold has 3-D “fossil” at the bottom: Triceratops, Pteranodon, Hadrosaur, and T-rex. There’s an archeological expedition in every serving! Fossil Food Dinosaur Cupcakes Molds are new at the NeatoShop, where you can find [...]

Mini T. Rex Could Be Missing Link

A private owner has donated a fossil that could change the way we think about Tyrannosaurus and their development. Some scientists believed the T.Rex evolved to its enormous size, then its arms shrank, when they were no longer needed. The new discovery, though, shows that the tiny-armed killing machine may have evolved from a much smaller [...]