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The Best and Worst Countries to be a Returning Athlete

Now that the Games are over and the athletes have gone home, what was waiting for them? In some nations, Olympic athletes are heroes, win or lose, while other nations could care less, at least officially. Either way, Mom will be happy to see you. Especially in Trinidad and Tobago. The tiny island nation is happy [...]

Tim & Eric Bring The Funny To Good Day Austin

(YouTube Link) If you invite the comedy duo Tim and Eric, from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! and Tom Goes To The Mayor fame, on to a relatively conservative morning talk show, expect hilariously awkward and strange things to happen. But the host rolls along quite well with the guys, and T&E get to [...]

4-Year-Old Urges: “Give a Chance 4 Peace”

So my friend T’chaka was visiting his sister and his four-year-old niece, Aurora, last December. Aurora began a stream-of-consciousness rant about the need for more peace in the world. Well, rant is maybe too strong a word — it’s more a complex set of observations about world history, politics, peace, money, and bedtime, as seen [...]