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What Determined the Length of an Audio CD?

What determined the length of the audio CD developed by Sony? It was based on the length of the longest recording of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Tyler Cowen quotes from Tim Büthe and Walter Mattli’s book The New Global Rulers: The Privatization of Regulation in the World Economy: Sony had initially preferred a smaller diameter, but soon [...]

Symphony of Science: “The Unbroken Thread” (Attenborough, Goodall, Sagan)

Get ready for another awesome Symphony of Science video! Yes, that’s right, more auto-tuned scientists with cool music and video. (See previous videos: A Glorious Dawn, Our Place in the Cosmos, and We Are All Connected.) In this installment, it’s primarily David Attenborough and Carl Sagan, though about two-thirds of the way in, Jane Goodall makes [...]