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The Accidental History of the @ Symbol

The symbol, @, that most younger people know only from email addresses and Twitter, has a long history. Its medieval origin is a little fuzzy, but there are several possible explanations of its birth. When I was young, it was shorthand for “at,” which always seemed silly to me, because why abbreviate such a short [...]

The Meaning of the Olympic Rings

Withe games less than a week away, you see the Olympic rings everywhere! The symbol was an invention of Baron de Coubertin, who spurred the revival of the ancient Greek games as the modern Olympics in the late 19th century. After the 1912 Stockholm Games—the first Games featuring athletes from all five inhabited parts of the [...]

What Does That “Rx” Have to Do With Prescription Drugs?

Pill bottle image via Shutterstock ℞, sometimes transliterated as “Rx,” is an abbreviation of the Latin recipe, the command form of recipere, “to take.” Back in the days when most everyone in Europe used Latin, a doctor’s orders usually began with ℞ as an instruction to take specific ingredients and combine them to make a medicine [...]

Why Don’t Valentine Hearts Look Like Real Hearts?

Heart image via Shutterstock Love is in the air today, and images of two-lobed hearts are all over everything: candy, cards, decorations, you name it. That the heart is symbolic of love and passion isn’t surprising. Ancient Greek and Roman thinkers, including Aristotle, thought the organ was the center of all emotions. Why the heart symbol [...]

Skull Photo Generator

In some circles skull logos are the utmost classy status symbol. So why not upload your own photo and have it converted into a skull? This site will even take the picture for you. Link

Is the giant squid the new giant panda ?

Scientists have proposed using the giant squid as a symbol for marine conservation efforts. Described as the “giant panda of the seas” the squid repre…

Bunny Reusable Tote Bag

Bunny Reusable Tote Bag – $4.95 Bunny Rabbits are not just a symbol of Easter. They are a symbol of Spring and all that is warm, fuzzy, and right with the world. It is your duty to embrace your inner rabbit with the Bunny Reusable Tote Bag from the NeatoShop. Now get out there and fill [...]

Auto Ink Tattoo Machine

(YouTube Link) Artist Chris Eckert uses the tattoo medium as a personal reaction against people being born into a religion rather than choosing one after research and reflection. This machine picks a religion at random and brands the willing subject with its symbol. Auto Ink is a three axis numerically controlled sculpture. Once the main switch is [...]

The Origin of Symbols

You know what these symbols mean, but do you know where they came from? The peace symbol, the dollar sign, the medical snakes, the smiley face, and others are in the spotlight, so to speak, at Dark Roasted Blend. Link

The Origin of Symbols: Fun Facts, Art & Photography

“QUANTUM SHOT” #662Link – article by Simon Rose and Avi Abrams Familiar Symbols and Emblems – Their Origin and Meaning (with Some Unexpected Appearances in Arts) We see various symbols and signs every day, and maybe think ‘I know what that means, but I wonder where it came from’? Well, here’s a look at some of [...]