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Sydney as it Might Have Been

The image on the left is what the Sydney Opera House almost looked like, had the team led by J. Marzella came in first instead of second in the design competition! Take a look at this and more alternative versions of famous monuments over at Oobject: Link

10 Amazing Artists Working With Miniature Models

We’ve seen how artists can take life-sized landscapes and make them appear to be tiny models through the use of tilt-shift photography, so now let’s look at the opposite end of the spectrum: the world of miniature art. Balsa Wood Manhattan Michael Chesko was a software engineer at Motorola when he started building skyscraper models in his [...]

Lighting of the Sails

(YouTube link) An art performance from the German collective URBANSCREEN lights up the Sydney Opera House with a transforming projection. It’s part of a music festival called Vivid LIVE. The most dramatic part comes at the end. -via Metafilter

Vegemite Bikini Wrestling in Australia

Vegemite Bikini Wrestling in AustraliaYesterday was the 222nd anniversary of the fine country of Australia, celebrated under the clever moniker Australia Day — or Invasion Day, if you want to get all badass about it.What do your favorite Foster’s-guzzling, thong-footwear-wearing, Sydney Opera House–worshiping football hooligans do to quietly honor their maiden land? Why, they lather [...]

Lovers Sex in clock tower Sydney

This is one couple who could never be accused of clock-watching. These extraordinary pictures show two daring young lovers caught having sex in broad daylight at the top of Sydney’s historic clock tower.’ Daring: The amorous couple were photographed by onlookers having sex on a balcony below Sydney’s famous clock tower Mystery surrounds the identity of the pair, [...]