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Coiled Snake Sword

Allegedly, these photos show a sword that fits into a coiled metal snake. It was made in Toledo, Spain in the Nineteenth Century to demonstrate the flexibility of the steel and the skill of the craftsmen who worked it. Link (Translation) -via Anachronistic Exploration

Adventure Time Statue Made of More Than 4,000 1-Inch Wooden Cubes

This pixelated Finn by Evan Henry gives you a thumbs up and an invitation to join him. The sword is removable, but it keeps the sculpture balanced and you’ll just make Finn mad anyway. Link -via ItBit

5 Questions: The ‘Pen’ is Mightier

Put away that sword! Today’s 5 Question quiz reminds us that: The ‘Pen’ is Mightier.

This Prop Sword Looks A Bit Too Berserk For Cosplay

This hand crafted sword looks waaaaay too big to be lugging around all day during a convention cosplay session. Inspired by the sword carried by the main character Guts in the anime/manga series Berserk (as seen in the poster above the sword), it’s a super sized prop that looks really hard to handle. I applaud [...]

Custom Elder Scrolls Daedric Sword Looks Pretty Sharp

The craftsman known as Evil FX has a very ambitious, and geeky, goal when he hits his workshop-to create a full suit costume of Daedric style armor from the Elder Scrolls video game series. Here’s how he made it: ..he is starting out with a pretty cool Daedric sword as a “test build.” The one-handed sword [...]

Man Spends $16,000 On An In-Game Sword

Oh, and did I mention that the game hasn’t even been released yet? Developers of the upcoming game Age of Wulan thought that auctioning off exclusive items for their new MMORPG would be a good way to help promote it. Something tells me they weren’t expecting someone to throw down an amazing $16,000 on a virtual [...]

Zelda Theme Song Played On iPads

(YouTube Link) In honor of the newest Legend of Zelda game “Skyward Sword”, here’s a video showing the theme song from the original Legend of Zelda game faithfully reproduced with iPads. What makes this video even cooler is the included tutorial which shows how you can learn to play this iconic song for yourself! –via BuzzFeed

Newest Indie Comic Reboot-Bone The Barbarian

Was Bone too cute and cuddly for you? Wishing he were a giant pile of muscles wielding a massive sword while saving bikini clad babes? ComicsAlliance has answered your prayers with their latest indie comic reboot-Bone the Barbarian! Here’s a taste of what Bone is like in a sword and sorcery setting: Exiled from his homeland [...]

Ninja vs. Plastic Bottles

(YouTube link) You talkin’ to me, bottles? You must be talkin’ to me, I don’t see any other badass hardcore ninjas in my back yard! You want some of this?!? I remember the first Samurai sword I got. I went around slicing up everything that came into my eye sight including people. But my Samurai sword was made out [...]

Real Life Buster Sword

The Buster Sword is a special weapon that appears in Final Fantasy VII. Flickr user Michaelcthulhu either made or commissioned a realistic version of one. In the linked video, he does his best to swing it like a functional weapon. The sword is for sale, so you’d better grab it before someone else does. Video via [...]