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Rubegoldbergian Light Switches

Etsy seller GreenTeaJewelry makes beautiful but complicated light switch covers using brass gears and wood. They’re fully functional. Turn the crank and the toggle switch will flip. Link -via Boing Boing

This Machine Really Doesn’t Want to Be Used

Last year I pointed to some machines that turn themselves off — these are called “Ultimate Machines,” and generally take the form of a box with a switch. You flip the switch, the box activates and flips the switch back, turning itself off. That’s all the machine does — return it its steady state. But [...]

Better Thinking Through Neurogenesis

Ignoring countless science-fiction movies warning them of the perils of tampering with nature, scientists are forging ahead with research to build a better brain. Need a smarter noggin? Perhaps neurogenesis is for you: The researchers engineered mice with a genetic switch that would turn off a gene that kills most new neurons in the adult hippocampus, [...]

Batman-Style Secret Switch

On the 1960s Batman show, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson opened the entrance to the batcave by pushing a secret switch hidden in a bust of Shakespeare. The New Hobbyist, quite reasonably, figured that it would be totally awesome to have one of his own. A switch, that is. Batpoles will come later. He provides [...]

Humans left trees 4.2 million years ago

It is thought that our distant ancestors started walking on the ground up to 4.2 million years ago. The timing of the switch suggests that it was infl…

Partial Reversal of Aging Achieved in Mice

Researchers led by Harvard Medical School geneticist Ronald A. DePinho have managed to partially reverse the physical degeneration that results from aging: [...] they achieved the milestone in aging science by engineering mice with a controllable telomerase gene. The telomerase enzyme maintains the protective caps called telomeres that shield the ends of chromosomes. As humans age, low [...]

Electrician saved by wrist watch

An electrician who was connecting a high voltage switch was hit with 11,000 volts but survived because he was wearing a metal wristwatch. Even so …

Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux is a lamp with a switch that hovers underneath -no strings attached! The ball-shaped switch is magnetic, and rests on the lamp when not in use. When you approach the lamp, it turns itself on. Then you “hang” the switch underneath, where it levitates by magnetic force. Move the switch to turn the [...]