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Happy Homes

(YouTube link) Each home has its unique personality, and its own face. This ad for NEST thermostats shows some of the happiest homes. -via Swiss Miss

Hot Air Balloon Desk

My first thought was that the balloons are fake and the desk is attached a strut that is bolted to the ceiling. But no: those are real, helium/hydrogen-filled balloons. This reception desk at the Dublin-based ad agency Boys and Girls is held aloft by balloons that are made to remain permanently inflated. The other end [...]

Adjustable Bookshelf

Colleen Whiteley’s clever bookshelf design ensures that no books fall over. Just loosen the screw, adjust, then tighten. This design is among the finalists in Dwell’s recent Live/Work Design Contest. Link -via Swiss Miss

How to Wash a Chicken

(YouTube link) Watch Zach as he shows you all the necessary steps to chicken bathing. Link -via Swiss Miss

Paper Eyelashes

With the right selections, you could almost tell a story with these eyelashes available at Nonesuchthings. They’re inspired by Chinese papercrafts and carry symbols from its traditions: The designs come steeped in Chinese symbolic meaning with “Deer and Butterfly” meaning “free, sensitive and delicate”. Link -via Swiss Miss | Photo: Christina Wilson

Google Plus Circles You Can Actually Use

One of the nice features of Google+ is that you can sort relationships into different categories that you can name anything you want. Happy Place had some fun with this idea and offered suggestions about how you can categorize your contacts. Link -via Swiss Miss

Trash Can Games

Assuming that Google Translate is handling the German properly, this is a picture of a trash can in Lucerne, Switzerland. The city government wants to discourage littering by drawing attention to public trash cans. So it put down little games, including mazes and hopscotch, around the cans. Link (Google Translate) -via Swiss Miss | Photo: Manuela [...]

Embroidered Portraits

Daniel Kornrumpf embroiders portraits in amazingly lifelike detail. He stitches in a way that imitates brushstrokes. Above is “diamonds on my neck. diamonds on my grill” on linen. Link -via Swiss Miss | Artist’s Website | Photo: Libby Rosof

Dr. Seuss’ Letter to the Children of Troy, Michigan

In 1971, Marguerite Hart, a children’s librarian in Troy, Michigan, wrote to many celebrities and political leaders and asked them to send back inspirational messages to the children of her town. 97 wrote back, among them Vincent Price, E.B. White, Pearl Bailey, Douglas Fairbanks, Isaac Asimov, and Pearl Buck. You can read them all at [...]

What Is This Tool Used For?

If you take a look at a catalog of tools for a specialized craft, you might be amazed at the vast number of specialized pieces of equipment available that you’ve never heard of. This tool, for example, is a perforation gauge. It’s used by stamp collectors to measure the gaps left by tear marks in [...]