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Disturbingly Cool Mask Sculptures

Swedish artist Axel Torvenius sculptures are like fragments of a nightmare, masks which show faces in the midst of transformation and other dark works which explore bodily deconstruction and mortality. They’re hauntingly beautiful and should appeal to Halloweenies who also have love for fine art, check out the rest of Axel’s works at the link below. Link [...]


Swedish artist Sebastian Eriksson is only 18 years old, but he’s already cutting out a place for himself in the art world. His surreal images are often horrifying, such as this pencil and charcoal drawing entitled Mind Devour. What’s happening to the subject? Eriksson writes, “His endless screaming makes his own mind eat him up.” Link [...]

Zombified Video Game Characters

This fun series of illustrations by Swedish artist Go-MaxPower shows what classic video game and cartoon characters might look like as shambling undead. Of particularly hilarious note are the image of Ray Man eating himself, and an armless Street Fighter Ryu still trying to kick some tail. Link  –via DesignTAXI

The Chronicles Of A Super Senior

This is what happen when superheroes get a little long in the tooth, and grow so old that they aren’t quite as super any more. This series of paintings by Swedish artist Andreas Englund shows the fate of all non-immortal beings-wrinkles, weight gain and a feeling that tackling mundane tasks is like performing mini feats [...]

Helga Steppan’s Chromatically Arranged Belongings

In her art series See Through, Swedish artist Helga Steppan arranged all her material belongings into separate piles based on color: This way of working can be clearly seen in the series ‘See Through’ for which Steppan audited all of her belongings and divided them into a full spectrum of different colour groupings to photograph: White, [...]