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Kids Swede Alien

(YouTube link) Here, children are re-enacting a key scene from the movie Alien. After somewhat lengthy histrionics, you’ll see the most ridiculous low-budget chestburster ever! This is the fifth in a webseries called Kids Swede Movies. Link -Thanks, Brian!

Kids Swede Monty Python And The Holy Grail

(YouTube Link) Want to make Monty Python and the Holy Grail even more ridiculous? Cast a bunch of kids who don’t really know their lines and let them do their own sweded version of the Black Knight scene from the classic comedy film. I hope they continue to swede scenes from the Holy Grail until they’ve [...]

Masterchef Synesthesia

(YouTube link) I’ve never watched the TV show MasterChef, but if it were edited like this, I might make the effort to tune in. This video is a Swede Mason production. -via Arbroath