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Sock Kitty

Redditor PseudoLiamNeeson used to put his kitten in a sock to keep her warm. He says that she is bigger now, but still likes to crawls into his sweaters. Link

Bouncing Kids in Sweaters

(YouTube link) Baby goats in cute little sweaters jump around on the porch with a little girl. Squee! See more videos of the same goats at Laughing Squid. Link

This Is Apple Wear From 1986

When the Apple company was just beginning to take the home computing world by storm, they apparently thought it would be a good idea to try their hand at designing clothing as well. These clothes are the ultimate in computing comfort, and nothing says 1986 like wrapping sweaters around yourself in strange places. Link

Sweaters for Penguins

Two weeks ago, there was a terrible oil spill off the coast of New Zealand. Skeinz, a yarn store in that country, responding by asking people to knit little sweaters for penguins who have been harmed by the oil. So many people around the world made them that Skeinz says that it has all of [...]

9 Iconic Sweaters in Pop Culture

From and, here are 9 iconic sweaters and their stories: Link

The Cosby Sweater Project

Here’s one less thing for our interns to do. The Cosby Sweater Project is a Tumblr blog that’s compiling photos of Huxtable family clothing from every episode, with a drawing to go with it. I fully endorse this. And it’s not just Cliff’s sweaters. Denise wore some pretty wild outfits, too. Speaking of interns, we’re currently reviewing [...]