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A Delightful Children’s Math Sweater

Granted, making your child wear this sweater to school will almost certainly result in his getting bullied -if not beaten up outright. Even so, it’s still a pretty impressive design when it comes to working in math equations. The main body of the sweater is a pattern of adding numbers in block shapes. There are also [...]

Infinite Regression Cosby Sweater

Artist Andrew Salomone hacked a knitting machine and made a sweater featuring an infinite loop of Cosby wearing a sweater featuring Cosby wearing a sweater… Link Via Geekosystem

R2D2 Sweater

People look at you funny if you roll around in public in a realistic R2R2 costume. This sweater by Etsy seller Erica Schoenberger is a more discreet and possibly even workplace-friendly alternative. Link -via OhGizmo!

The Cosby Sweater Project

Here’s one less thing for our interns to do. The Cosby Sweater Project is a Tumblr blog that’s compiling photos of Huxtable family clothing from every episode, with a drawing to go with it. I fully endorse this. And it’s not just Cliff’s sweaters. Denise wore some pretty wild outfits, too. Speaking of interns, we’re currently reviewing [...]