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15 Awesome (or Awesomely Bizarre) Christmas Cards

Most store-bought Christmas cards feature Santa and his reindeer, Christmas trees or religious iconography. Here are some people who went in another direction. 1. Murphy’s Law is in full effect around the holidays. Here, Michael Herb manages to emphasize this sentiment by showing just how wrong a Christmas photo can go. 2. The weirdest family Christmas card [...]

Cat calls police in middle of the night

A cat in Swansea was found to be responsible for dialling 999 in the small hours of the morning. The cat’s owner Howard Moss was awoken by officers ba…

Suspect Provides a Better Mugshot

Matthew Maynard of Swansea, UK thought he could make himself look a bit better in the newspaper. At least better than the police mugshot that was printed, along with seven other people who police were looking for regarding a burglery. So the 23-year-old suspect took a picture with his cell phone and send it to [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Smurfy Smurfs Facts

Here at MF, we’re taking a break from our regularly-scheduled Halloween posts to bring you this public service announcement: it was 51 years ago this week that The Smurfs were first introduced to our pop culture vernacular. I thought it seemed like a pretty worthy reason to break the spooky string of posts, and anyway, [...]