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Police Officer Leads Himself on Hot Pursuit, Evades Capture

A junior police officer in Sussex, UK observed through a CCTV camera a man behaving strangely. He called a plain clothes officer working in the area and asked that he investigate. The cop did so for twenty minutes before another officer in the CCTV control room realized that the suspicious man in question was the [...]

11 Things You Might Not Know About Winnie the Pooh

Did you know today is Winnie the Pooh Day in honor of his creator, A.A. Milne’s birthday? If Mr. Milne were still alive today, he’d be turning 130 and he would no doubt be honored to see that his creation is still bringing joy to children to this day. In honor of Milne and his [...]

10 Parody Novels That Get the Last Laugh

Ask someone what his or her favorite parody movie is and you’ll hear Blazing Saddles, Airplane!, or some other classic of the genre. But ask what their favorite parody novel is and you’ll likely get a blank stare. To help you answer this difficult, life-defining question the next time you’re asked, here are the stories [...]

15 Abandoned Theaters

Oobject captures the majesty and opulence that once defined theater archiecture, and the sadness of their current emptiness in this gallery of urban decay photography. The theater pictured here is in Hellingly Asylum, Sussex. Theaters are a relic of the past. Don’t believe me? Look at drive-in movie theaters and the shakespearean stage. They simply don’t [...]