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The mental_floss Guide to the NCAAs (The Southwest)

We may not be much help in filling out your bracket. But throughout this week we’re going to bring you a _flossy take on March Madness: one interesting fact about each of the 68 teams in the tournament field. Let’s kick things off with the Southwest region. (1) Kansas began playing basketball in 1898, shortly [...]

A Silly Song About Breast Cancer

Four years ago, John and Hank Green decided they were going to “take over” YouTube for charity. The result was the first Project for Awesome, in which hundreds of people made videos advocating for their favorite charities (I made this one) and an army of like-minded folk rated and commented upon them tirelessly until they [...]

The Origins of 9 Charities Named After People

We often write their names on the “Pay to the Order of” lines of our donation checks, but how well do we know the inspiring people behind some of our favorite charities and foundations? A lot of charitable foundations are named after the celebrities or high-profile business tycoons who founded them, but others are named [...]

The Faces of Breast Cancer

Every year, the Susan G. Komen foundation organizes 15 three-day walks in cities across the country to raise awareness about and funds to help fight breast cancer. It’s an intense event: walkers wear out their shoes hoofing it more than sixty miles — twenty per day, sleeping in tents at night — and by the [...]