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"Find Your Car" System Scans and Locates Your Car in the Parking Lot

Did you forget where you parked your car? Well, a new camera-based surveillance system in parking lots can help: Santa Monica Place recently unveiled the nation’s first camera-based “Find Your Car” system. Shoppers who have lost track of their vehicle amid a maze of concrete ramps and angled stripes can simply punch their license plate number [...]

Air Force seeks better space technology

The US Air Force has proposed a $50 million bid for new space technologies to improve surveillance, navigation and weather forecasting just one we…

Crocheted Sat-Track Surveillance Camera by Howie Woo

Photo: MJ, via WooWork’s Flickr photostream We’ve blogged about Howie Woo of WooWork before on Neatorama, but the genius goofball of crochet is back with this awesome Sat-Track Surveillance Watch (complete with Remote Bug): The name is Woo. Howie Woo. As a dashing international spy, I enjoy good martinis, good suits, and good gadgets. My newest spy [...]