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Group investigate Guildford ghost photo

Barri Ghai and Phil Measey visited The Mount in Guildford after an apparition was photographed there. The picture was featured in the Surrey Advertise…

Real Life Tom and Jerry

It’s like Tom and Jerry but in real life! Photographer Malcolm Case-Green snapped this photo of a tiny mouse that doesn’t take kindly to being bullied: Looking like a scene from a Tom and Jerry cartoon, the fight saw [...]

John Lennon’s Tooth

Baby, you’re a rich man … and a hardcore Beatles fan, so while money (that’s what I want) can’t buy you love, it can certainly buy the molar of John Lennon: The tooth was given [...]

How Military Operations Get Their Code Names

© Hannibal Hanschke/dpa/Corbis Last month the world watched rebel forces pour into Tripoli under the banner of Operation Mermaid Dawn. While watching the news, I was struck by a curiosity many of you might have shared: just where exactly do these names come from? It’s a relatively new practice, actually—less than a hundred years old. The Germans [...]

Mitzi – The Bionic Dog – World’s First Artificial Paw

A German Shepherd called Mitzi has become the first dog in the world to be fitted with a pioneering prosthetic ankle. The three-year-old had her rear right foot amputated after she was trampled by a horse. But the lively dog is back to enjoying walks with her owner after being fitted with an artificial foot and ankle [...]

Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park

Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park is an outdoor gallery just outside the small village of Churt, Surrey, England. There are around 150 sculptures at any time, and many are for sale. See lots more pictures at Kuriositas. Be warned, some sculptures are nudes. Link (Image credit: Flickr user Mike Lawrence)

Firemen Rescue Cat in Tree -and Its Owner, Too!

A cat in Leatherhead, Surrey, England had to be rescued from a tree by the fire department. That in itself is not newsworthy, but the firefighters also rescued a rescuer! A 6-year-old Maine Coon cat named Jadis was 30 feet up in a fir tree, afraid to come down. So owner Mike Wall, after trying [...]

model proposal Girlfriend

They say when you’re in love, it’s the small things that matter the most. But for one couple, the sentiment is literally true. Sarah Dawson proposed to partner James Moss at Babbacombe Model Village in Devon using miniature figures fashioned after the pair. Mini-me: Sarah and James survey their alter-egos at Babbacombe Model Village in Devon The 43-year-old had [...]

An Apple with a Split Personality

Ken Morrish of Colaton Raleigh, Devon, England picked a bizarre Red Delicious apple off his tree. It looks as if someone stuck together half of a green apple and half of a red apple, but these colors are natural. John Breach, chairman of the British Independent Fruit Growers Association, said: ‘I’ve never seen this happen before [...]

Masterpieces: Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!

This article originally appeared in mental_floss magazine as part of our ‘Masterpieces 101 : A Guide to Works You Should Know’ series. By Bill Demain An early review of Oklahoma! predicted, “No legs, no jokes, no chance.” But Rodgers & Hammerstein’s corn-fed masterpiece proved that musicals could be more than ostentatious sets and over-the-top dance numbers. Oklahoma! opened [...]