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53 Terrible Jokes in 4 Minutes

(YouTube link) It doesn’t matter that you know the punch lines to most of these, you can’t think of them before he spits them out! And there’s always a chance that one or two jokes will take you by surprise. -via Tastefully Offensive

Crapping Paper

“It’s the wrapping paper that ruins the surprise!™” That is, if you want to download and print your own wrapping paper. The text on the wrap tells what the gift is! How fun! But they also have a generator on which you can design your own wrapping paper. That opens a world of possibilities -if you [...]

Restaurants Add Mandatory Tipping for French Canadian Customers

Are Québecois bad tippers? Canadians that visit restaurants in Burlington, Vermont, got a little surprise when they noticed that they were being charged automatic gratuities when servers guessed that they were Quebec: A few local servers even have a nickname [...]

Surprise Temporary Tattoos

Surprise Temporary Tattoos - $6.95 Are you a happy individual with commitment issues and a ginormous phobia of needles?  Don’t let your fears keep you from getting inked. Get the Surprise Temporary Tattoos from the NeatoShop. This fantastic assortment comes with 26 temporary tattoos. It is the perfect way to look cool all while avoiding the [...]

Mammoth bones found in Iowa back yard

One Iowa family got the surprise of their lives when they discovered mammoth bones in their garden. The 12,000 year-old bones are being hailed as one …

Chess Voltron Would Be an Awesome TV Show

The element of surprise is a tremendous advantage in battle. Similarly, taking an opponent by surprise can lead to a quick victory in chess. And what would be a greater surprise than for your pieces to combine into a giant fighting robot that sweeps the board in a single move? Cymon of Thingiverse has designed [...]

Molecular Gastronomy Birthday Party

Arielle Clementine threw a surprise birthday party for her friend Dustin, featuring a science theme throughout. The drinks were served in test tubes, the food in Petri dishes, and the birthday cake was decorated with a periodic table! But the menu was out of this world, featuring Korean Pork Belly Ssäm garnished with Pop Rocks, [...]

Eat Drink & Be Irish – So Lucky Mug

  Eat Drink & Be Irish So Lucky Mug – $14.95 It is said that there are those who are Irish and those who wish to be Irish. This St. Patrick’s Day, whatever your background, Eat  Drink  & Be Irish with a So Lucky Mug from the NeatoShop. Take a peak inside this adorable mug and you [...]

A Christmas Sausage Story

(YouTube link) The flagpole scene from the movie A Christmas Story is recreated by hotdogs! Don’t miss the surprise ending. -via The Daily What

The Campaign Against Spoilers

Are you tired of your friends, family or co-workers ruining the plots of your favorite movies and tv shows? Then put these anti-spoiler campaign posters up all over the place and let the spoilers be forewarned-ruin the surprise and there’s going to be hell to pay! This is a hush campaign for the 21st century, [...]