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The Chinese Man wakes Up With Mystery Tattoo On Bottom

The Chinese Man wakes Up With Mystery Tattoo On Bottom Chinese man wakes up with mystery tattoo on bottom after routine surgery. A man who went for a routine operation in the Yunnan province of China woke up with a nasty surprise – a mystery tattoo on his right buttock. Sheng Xianhui only noticed the offending ink [...]

Chinese Woman with Horn in Her Forehead | Woman Horn

Woman with Horn After more than an hour of surgery, the woman ? commonly called Yanv- who grew a big horn on her head has finally got rid of the giant horn. Doctors from Treatment Center of Skin Diseases in Beijing Military General Hospital told the reporter that the surgery was successful. The woman is awake [...]

The Tonsillectomy: A Massive Pain in the Neck

by David Zax Tonsils, those oval-shaped masses of tissue in the back of your throat, have been the targets of surgeons from the earliest days of medicine. Around 1000 BC, doctors in India practiced partial tonsillectomies. In the days of Jesus, a Roman physician named Aulus Cornelius Celsus recorded performing tonsillectomies by holding on to the [...]

The LIFE Archives

In 2008, the folks at LIFE got together with Google and made their extensive photo archives available to anyone browsing Google Images. As Google said at the time, “This effort to bring offline images online was inspired by our mission to organize all the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. This collection [...]

Dog Regains Sight after Facelift

Molly, a shar pei, had a medical condition that caused her skin to rub against her eyes. She underwent surgery to correct this problem: Richard Marks, the vet who carried out the surgery last week, said the dog was suffering from the worst case of entropion he had ever seen. He said: “What I essentially did was [...]

Toddler has chopstick removed from brain

A toddler in China has undergone successful surgery to remove a chopstick that became wedged up his nose after he fell on it. 14-month-old Li Jingchao…

Could a Conjoined Twin Get Away With Murder?

Law student Nick Kam has written a paper exploring a hypothetical legal scenario: from a set of conjoined twins, one commits a murder. Since justly punishing one requires unjustly punishing the other, would the guilty party escape punishment? In “Half Guilty”, Kam writes: To consider more extreme approaches to punishing the guilty twin, the Court could [...]

Fake Fingerprints by Plastic Surgery

27-year-old Lin Rong re-entered Japan even though she had earlier been deported back to China. She wasn’t caught until she was arrested on other charges, because her fingerprints were different. Lin had undergone surgery to have her left fingerprints moved to her right hand, and vice versa! Local media reports said Ms Lin had undergone surgery [...]

Botax: Congress Thinking About Taxing Elective Cosmetic Surgery

Facing mounting federal deficit and an expensive health care reform bill, you wouldn’t be blaming Congress for trying to squeeze a few billion dollars here and there to pay for it. But the cosmetic surgery industry is howling at the new proposed … “Botax”?! Last week, the Senate began debate on an $848 billion health care reform [...]

How To Make Health Care Affordable: Medical Tourism!

With all the debate going on with health care, you’d be forgiven if you want to skip this post. But I think I’ve found the solution to making health care affordable for Americans: just outsource it to Thailand. Eric Wahlgren of AOL’s Daily Finance has the story of medical tourism: Like some 47 million other Americans, Nancy [...]