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Hospital to Perform Live-Tweeted/Instagrammed Surgery

What does a human eardrum look like through the 1977 filter on Instagram? You may get a chance to find out tomorrow. Doctors at the Swedish Medical Center will perform a cochlear impant surgery. They’ll keep you informed of their progress on Twitter and Instagram: As the surgery is being performed, it will be narrated on [...]

If The Doctors Were Time Ladies

Gladys of Rocket Surgery was inspired by all the talk of whether or not the next doctor should be female, so she imagined what all of the past Doctors would look like if they were female. The other six can be found at the link. Personally, I think Matt Smith looks just fine as a [...]

3D Printing For Fun And Medical Applications

3d printing continues to take us boldly into the brave new world of the 21st century, and not surprisingly medical applications are at the top of the innovation ladder, since replacement parts are always in demand. Recently, an entire mandible was created in a 3d printer by mixing titanium with the printing compound, and an elderly [...]

Pretty Ghastly Little Classical Lady Sculptures

These classically-styled statues of classy ladies with a grisly twist are the products of Jessica Harrison’s twisted imagination. She performs minor surgery on ceramic statues, removing an arm or skullcap or sometimes the entire head, then she modifies the statues to tell a dark, murderous tale. If Hummel ever started making statues like these, I’m sure [...]

The Teenage Plastic Surgery Boom

Here’s a disturbing trend: Between 1996 and 2010 the number of teenagers aged 13-19 having elective cosmetic surgery has increased by 548% – from around 14,000 procedures to 76,841 last year, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The vast majority of these surgeries are rhinoplasty, followed by octoplasty (ear-pinning, typically), breast augmentation, asymmetry correction [...]

From North Korean Waitresses to American Bridesmaids: The Wide World of Compulsory Plastic Surgery

Kim Jong-Il, the villainous dictator of North Korea, has reportedly decreed that all waitresses working at prestigious restaurants must undergo eyelid surgery to make them appear more “Western.” We’ve come to expect such senseless edicts from a man who dresses like Dr. Evil, has a penchant for platform shoes, and starves his people for kicks. [...]

The World’s Most Dapper Koala

Poor Asha just had what was almost certainly his worst day ever; he was hit by two different cars while trying to cross the street. Fortunately, a rescuer found him in time to save him. The rescuer then took him to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, where the vets were able to treat all of [...]

Swimming Endoscope

Endoscopic surgery has used tubes for years, but now Japanese researchers have built a probe that can swim through the digestive tract: The device, nicknamed the “Mermaid”, is about one centimetre (0.4 inches) in diameter and 4.5 (1.8 inches) long and has magnetic driving gear that allows for precise control of its direction and location. Doctors use [...]

Clever Girl

(YouTube link) After surgery, Lucy had to wear a protective collar (the cone of shame). In her first attempt, she found her normal method of walking up the stairs was difficult, so she quickly came up with her own workaround. -via reddit

Plastic Surgery Makes Asians Look More "Western"

See the difference in the before and after photos above? That’s 12-year-old Lee Min Kyong after plastic surgery of her eyelids to make her look more “western.” Scoff all you will, but plastic surgery to make Asians look more western is big business in Asia, and growing rapidly: The definition of pretty, explains their plastic surgeon, is [...]