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Will China be growing vegetables on Mars ?

China has developed an ‘ecological life support system’ to grow food during off world space missions. The 300 cubic metre cabin has been tested in Bei…

10 Scandalous VP Stories Worth a Warm Bucket of Spit

Getty Images This morning Mitt Romney tapped Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. John Nance Garner, FDR’s first vice president, either said the VP position wasn’t worth “a warm pitcher of piss” or “a warm bucket of spit.” Whatever body fluid and receptacle he really used, you get the idea. But that doesn’t mean [...]

Why is it so hard to balance on a bicycle that’s not moving, and easy on one that is?

Reader Brian writes in to ask “Why can you stay on a bicycle when moving, but not when it’s standing still?” Think of something like a table or a couch. It has four legs that touch the floor and form a base of support (a polygon formed by an object’s contact points with the ground) and [...]

More Stuff for the Neatorama Christmas Special

Just added to the Neatorama Shop’s Christmas Special, where every purchase will get you a free Mystery Bonus. Your purchase helps support the blog, so skip the hassle of going to the mall this Christmas and buy something, mmkay? Murder Ink Pen & Pad Banana Juice Water Bottle Mmm … Pi 2-Carat Cup (Gold) Support Bacteria – It’s [...]