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Halloween Costume Ideas for Inanimate Objects

(YouTube link) Like his trips to the supermarket and the department store, Jeff Wysaski brings the puns fast and heavy in this Halloween costume roundup. Link -via Daily of the Day

Conveniently Peeled Bananas

The European supermarket chain Billa uses a slogan urging more “common sense.” Then at least one store in Austria offered bananas for sale as you see here: peeled and packaged in styrofoam trays with plastic wrap.   But the stunt by the German-owned Billa supermarket chain – part of the Rewe group that has thousands of [...]

A Supermarket Scanner That Can Identify Food Without Barcode

Japanese electronics manufacturing giant Toshiba has developed a supermarket scanner that can identify food and price it without a barcode. Here’s how it works: Instead of barcodes, the scanner uses a camera to identify objects—so fresh fruits and vegetables that don’t usually have barcodes can be automatically identified and input by staff more easily. Only objects put [...]

Live rat found in supermarket loaf

A woman in Australia got the shock of her life when she discovered a live rat inside a loaf of bread. She’d bought the bread at a supermarket and was …

Grocery Store Opens By Itself

A grocery store in Hamilton, New Zealand opened its doors automatically without any store employees present on Friday morning. The store’s computer system opened the doors at 8AM, and shoppers came in as normal. Some bought groceries and used the self-checkout, while others just left without paying. Supermarket owner Glenn Miller was initially furious over the [...]

Glued Meat

If you think the news about supermarket meat contaminated with drug-resistant staphylococcus was bad, hold yourself together, because there’s an even more shocking news coming your way. Two words: glued meat. Glued meat is being supplied to some of Australia’s most popular eateries. It is also popular with catering companies – if you’ve been to a [...]

Reindeer meat on sale for Christmas

UK supermarket Lidl has been under fire for stocking reindeer meat on the run up to Christmas. The store has attracted a great deal of criticism and h…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whoa! Where did the time go? I’d like to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for reading Neatorama – the blog won’t be as fun without its loyal readers and commenters (My wife and I lovingly call the cake above, which we got from the local supermarket, our Thanksgiving poo cake. I think [...]