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There’s no time to explain!

(YouTube link) Sorry there’s no critique or breakdown of the supercut from Slackstory, but you see, there’s just no time. -via The Daily What

The Goofiest Villains And Monsters In Horror Movie History

(Vimeo Link) Horror movies have featured some pretty horrifying creatures over the years, and they’ve also let some real turkeys take center stage. Flavorwire presents a supercut of the goofiest monsters and baddies ever featured in horror movies, and when they say goofy they mean utterly ridiculous!  –via Flavorwire

Apocalypse Hollywood

(YouTube link) There are many ways the world could end, according to the movies. Watch them all happen in just eight minutes, in this supercut from Zach Prewitt. -via Flavorwire

TV’s First Days of School

(vimeo link) The first day back to school can be quite dramatic or comedic, especially if it’s on a TV series! Flavorwire compiled this supercut to help you celebrate the beginning of the school year. There’s a list of the shows that gave us the clips at the website. Link -via Laughing Squid

Stanley Kubrick’s One-Point Perspective

(vimeo link) Stanley Kubrick was a master of the one-point perspective shot, and this supercut by  kogonada points out just how many he used.  -via Geekosystem

Walking and Talking About Walking and Talking

(YouTube link) Seeing the same scene over and over in a supercut gives you some idea of how Hollywood relies on particular tropes that you didn’t even notice. This supercut from Slackstory explains itself as it goes along. Link -via Gorilla Mask

Don’t Get On Mr. Wizard’s Bad Side

(YouTube Link) I have such fond memories of Mr. Wizard’s show from the early 80s that watching this supercut made me want to do a little science fair magic project of my own. And then I realized that Mr. Wizard could be a bit of a condescending jerk at times, and he would’ve made me want to [...]

Everyone Claims to be Batman

(YouTube link) People who say they are Batman are either 1. nuts, 2. quoting from a Batman movie or TV show, or 3. Batman. You decide which is which in this supercut from Gorilla Mask. Link -via Buzzfeed

Lord of the Falls

(YouTube link) One does not simply stumble into Mordor! Nick Barton made a supercut of the many, many falls in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Three minutes of nothing but falling all over the place. Is this all the falls? Hard to say, since three minutes is the limit of the average attention span for [...]

The Dark Knight – Just The Joker

(YouTube Link) Tired of all that Batman with your Joker? Then feast your eyes on this Joker supercut from The Dark Knight, it’s all killer clown no filler! It’s a tribute to Heath Ledger’s amazing performance, and even though this isn’t the finest example of video editing ever uploaded to YouTube, it’s fun for your eyeballs nonetheless. No [...]