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11 Musicians Who Overcame Disabilities

1. Ludwig van Beethoven At age 26, the great German composer and pianist began to lose his hearing. His problems began with a severe form of tinnitus, and it’s thought they may have been complicated by syphilis, lead poisoning, typhus, or possibly his habit of immersing his head in cold water to stay awake. Whatever the [...]

Jerk Penguin

Think penguins are all sunshine and rainbows? You haven’t met … the Jerk Penguin from Tokyo Sea Life Park. Perhaps this sort of bullying is why that penguin escaped from the zoo. Hit play or [...]


(YouTube link) Michel Gondry produced this ad for Sunshine Sakae, a Japanese department store. The store connection will eventually become clear, although you may be giggling too much to catch it. (via The Daily What)

Taxi Driver Sweded By Michel Gondry

(YouTube Link) This sweded version of  Taxi Driver by director Michel Gondry, of Green Hornet and Eternal Sunshine… fame, shows us what the classic film would look like in a French art house style. It’s schlocky, surreal and a whole lot cooler than the average sweded film, but I wouldn’t expect any less from such a [...]

A Culture, Not a Costume

Halloween is a time for silly costumes, and some use it as an excuse to drag out every racial and cultural stereotype they can think of for a silly costume. That’s not cool. Students Teaching Against Racism (STARS) is an organization at Ohio University that put out a series of posters to “educate and create [...]

16 Sequels Nobody Has Ever Heard Of

OK, maybe some of you are familiar with some of these. But how many of these questionable sequels have you actually seen? 1. Ace Ventura, Jr. Josh Flitter played Ace Ventura, Jr. in this 2009 spin-off of the original series that starred Jim Carrey. While Carrey isn’t in this film, he and Flitter do share one movie [...]

The Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Recorder

It looks like a crystal ball, which it is, but this is a 19th century invention to record the amount of sunshine, called the Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Recorder. It was invented in 1853 by the Scottish Gaelic scholar Iain Òg Ìle, known in English as John Francis Campell. Perhaps unsurprisingly he was also the Secretary to the [...]

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250 Movie Introductions of 185 People, Groups, and Things

Look, it’s Friday. You’ve got nine and a half minutes to kill. Why not watch a supercut of a bunch of 250 people (or cyborgs, or heroes, or villains) introducing 185 people, groups, and things from classic (and very not-classic) movies? It’s weirdly hypnotic. I also feel a little weird that I recognize virtually all [...]

A Comprehensive Guide to the Top 100 Songs of the 70s

SuperSeventies has a nice index of the top ten songs of each year in the decade I discovered music. That was mostly via radio, and that decade saw quite a shift in popular styles, as you can see at the link. Each song is linked to an informative bio, with links to other information. I was [...]